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Crissey Fucked Our Friend While I Was at Work

Crissey and I have been fucking like rabbits lately. We get into these grooves where kinky sex leads to dirtier ideas, which leads to more kinky sex.

I was at work talking on the phone with a client. They were rambling on and on. My phone buzzed; it was a screenshot from Crissey. J (one of our friends we fooled around with at the time) had messaged her to see if she had time to play today.

"Do you want to play? ;)" I asked.

"I'd be down. I'm super fucking horny..."

My cock started getting hard right away. "Just get some good videos for me."

"Okay. I'm getting ready now." Crissey snapped me.

She sent me a picture of a sexy bodysuit she was wearing.

A couple hours passed. I kept working, but I couldn't focus. The only thing I could think about was Crissey getting pounded by J.

Finally, my phone buzzed. I opened the Snapchat. Crissey was on her knees. Stroking J's cock in her hand, she was lightly sucking and licking on the head. Now my cock was rock hard. Snap after snap arrived.

After Crissey had sucked his cock for a bit, she stood up, pulling her bodysuit to the side. Then, gripping his dick in one hand, she worked it into her. Bouncing up and down. J's hands reached around, grabbing her ass as she rode him.

The snaps stopped after that.

I waited patiently until Crissey finally texted me.

"Hey babe" she said.

"Did you get fucked good?" I was dying to know.

"I sure did. My pussy is full of cum."

"Did you get some more videos for me? ;)" I asked.

"Yes. Come watch ;)" Crissey teased.

It was almost lunch, so I went home. I drove quick. My cock hadn't calmed down since the first video. There is something so erotic about it.

When I got home, I sat down. Crissey got on her knees and showed me the video. I watched as J stood up from the couch while Crissey had been riding him. He lifted her up and down on his cock.

My cock was throbbing in Crissey's mouth. Her throat felt so good. I was so horny knowing what she had done just an hour before.

Next in the video, J bends her over the couch. Crissey's legs start to tremble as he pounds it deep into her filling her up.

It was so sexy to watch, I couldn't help but cum in her mouth. She had two holes cummed in that day.

This video will be live Here on 11/30/2021


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