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EDC Sex After Party-- No Limits (REAL STORY)

EDC, a three-night music festival in the desert. It is the largest rave in North America. We got tickets clear back in 2019 before COVID. It had been so long I was ready to get wild!

As you walk toward the venue, you can hear the pumping bass—crowds of mostly naked girls and their rave baes filing through the gates. Colter and I came through the main entrance and kissed. Butterflies swirled in my stomach for what was to come.

We moved deeper into the festival, getting lost in the masses. Then, stopping at the first stage as you come in, our hips moved to the music. I pushed my ass against his crotch. "Are you ready?" He asked me. "Yes." I told him. He fished in his pocket and withdrew the capsule of Molly. Then, carefully, placing it in my hand. I swallowed it down with a splash of water. Next up, we went to a stage called Base Pod. Here they play heavy music. My heart raced as I was coming up on the molly. At first, it feels like anxiety. My knees always get a little shakey. Colter held me tight. Pins and needles filled my hands and arms. "Can we go sit down? I need a minute." Colter's pupils were huge already. "Yeah, let's go." The walk to the grass was a blur. "I think that is Cole."

Sure enough, there he was with some of his friends. He was sitting next to Cosmic Meadow. We went over to him. "Holy shit!" He greeted us, giving us both a hug. We knew he was going, but EDC is so huge it can be hard to find anyone. So we chatted for a bit and met some of his other friends. "We have a suite for tonight. You should come over!" I told Cole. "Alright, if I'm not too fucked up, I definitely will." "Okay, even if you need to ride home with us," I said, giving his leg a little squeeze. He nodded happily. By this point, the anxiety was replaced with raging happiness. I felt it everywhere in my body. Colter and I were off to see more DJ's. The next stage we went to was called Circut Grounds. Again, Colter and I danced hard. Everything blended. This guy next to us smiled. I noticed he was wearing Kandi (homemade rave bracelets). Ravers trade these between each other. I asked him if he wanted to trade, and we did the customary exchange. I danced with him for a bit. I was grinding my ass against him. I could feel him begin to get hard. "You're a lot of fun." He told me. "You are too. What's your name?" "Dawson. What's yours?" I told him my name. "I have a boyfriend." He pulled away at that. I think he thought I was saying it as a way to make him stop. "But we like to have fun." He still looked confused. "We're freaks." "Like swingers?" I shrugged. "Something like that. We like to have sexy fun." He smiled, nodding. "I want to play with you." He smiled at that. "What's your number?" We exchanged info. "I am trying to get some people to come to play for the after-party." "Sounds fun. You are beautiful." I hugged him, and we danced a bit more. Fireworks exploded in the sky. I made my way back over to Colter, who was dancing away with some people he found. I was so happy to see him. I embraced him, kissing him hard.

When it was 4 in the morning, we decided to head back to our hotel room. Leaving the venue, I got a message from Cole. He wanted to ride back with us. But, unfortunately, he was too fucked up to drive. I had to send him a pin to find our car. We went back to our hotel. You always get some looks walking through the lobby, but I was so happy and high I didn't care. Out of the elevator, I took Cole's hand, going happily down the hall. Right when we got in the room, Dawson texted me and asked if we were still trying to party. I told him to get over here fast.

We sat on the couch—Sandwiched between Dawson and Cole. I rubbed their cocks, and they kissed on me. Cole's hands moved down to play with my pussy. The bodysuit I was wearing, unsnapped at the crotch. Cole has such a huge cock I couldn't help but need to suck it. I sat on the coffee table, bending over to taste his cock. Colter and Dawson both took in the show. I must have been doing a good job, because Cole wanted the pussy. I turned around and sat on it. Once Cole was sliding in and out of me. Colter came close so I could suck his cock. Then Dawson came and got some head. Next, they took me over to the bed. I bent over the end of the bed, having Cole slide into me from behind. Dawson got on his knees on the bed so I could suck him some more. Colter grabbed the back of my head and really made me ch*ke on him. Next, the boys switched. Dawson wanted a turn in my pussy. Dawson fucking pounded me so good. Next, I laid on my back, with my head dangling off the edge. Cole went between my legs, and Dawson came to fuck my face. To start, Cole rubbed his head slowly on my clit. This drives me fucking wild. Next, Dawson fucked my face without mercy. Just the way I like it. I'm not afraid to have a dick down my throat. It turns me on when a guy goes hard. Colter got a good angle of Dawson's balls hitting my face hehe. Colter came close, and I sucked his and Dawson's cock for a while, Cole never stopping. Dawson cummed in my mouth as he fucked my face. I swallowed all his yummy cum down. Then I got on my knees for Cole, and he came in and around my mouth. By the end of it, my legs were shakey, and my pussy was sore. Colter fucked me wildly after, cumming all over my tits with a massive load! Watch the full scene here


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