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Finding a Guy in a New Town (REAL MFM STORY)

Once we were moved four hours away from everyone we knew, it took a while to settle.

We went on Tindr to look for someone to have some fun with 😈 after some almost plans kept falling through, we were pretty annoyed. So then we matched with B.

We gave him a quick rundown of what we were looking for me, and he said he was hella down. We asked him when. We were surprised when he said tonight with a picture of his ripped body 🤤 I showed him a picture of my ass and asked where he lived. He was only three minutes away. Practically in the same neighborhood. So I told him to come over.

I put on my lacy black bodysuit and sucked Colter for a while before B arrived. While I blew Colter, I was taking videos and sending them to B.

Finally, he arrived. Colter and I answered the door. We had to make our way down the long hallway. It was breezy in my bodysuit. I walked in front of the boys so they could both get a good look at my ass. I led them right upstairs to the bedroom.

We sat on the edge of the bed for a minute, bullshitting. Then, finally, we took a few shots of whiskey, and I was ready for my fun.

I reached over and felt B. Before I even touched him, he was rock hard. When I felt how hard he already was, my pussy tingled. I dropped to my knees while the boys pulled off their shorts. B pulled off his shirt; he was so cut I couldn’t help rub my hands all over him. His body was so firm everywhere. Neither of them had touched me, but my pussy was so wet already.

I started sucking them. B wasn’t shy, which I really liked. He wasn’t afraid to grab my head and fuck my throat, which I love 😍 as I sucked them, going back and forth between each cock I could taste B’s pre-cum. It only made me want it more. Colter pushed my head back and sat on the bed while I kept sucking B. After a moment, B sat down too. Both boys sat with their legs off the bed so I could switch back and forth between them.

Colter would grab my head occasionally, really pushing it down onto B. Finally, after giving B some attention after a while, Colter grabbed me and pushed me down flat on the bed. B smiled, and I asked him if he wanted to see me get fucked.

“Fuck yeah”

I looked back at Colter and told him to “fuck me.”

I wasn’t expecting him to stick it in my ass. I screamed a moan as he burrowed into my ass. After fucking me for a bit, he let B take a turn. He also mercilessly stuck it in my ass and gave it a good pounding.

After B had pounded my ass for a while, he flipped me over and held my legs open, and pounded me hard. Colter watched and held my hand. (You can see that video I posted a while back)

After that, I needed to feel them both in me. Colter Laos was on his back, and I climbed on top, putting him in my pussy. Then B came up behind me and stuck his dick in my pussy too. This was the first time I did DV, and holy fuck. 😩😩 it felt so good! I wasn’t expecting it to feel so amazing. To be so full and have two cocks rubbing in and out of your pussy is to die for.

There is a spot on the top of my pussy, and it feels incredible when a dick hits it. There is also a spot in the back of my pussy that feels just as amazing. With two cocks in my pussy at once, that spot gets hit perfectly 🤤🤤 my whole body was trembling.

After a bit of this, Colter laid flat on the bed. B bent me over and started fucking me while I sucked Colter. B pounded me hard while Colter fucked my throat. I reached back for B’s hand and pulled it up so he would squeeze my boobs. He did for a minute but then grabbed a fist full of my hair, yanking my head back so he could fuck me harder. It turned me on so much. I like it a little rough ;)

Then Colter grabbed my head and really shoved it down on his cock. I could feel him throb as he was about to cum. Then, finally, he grabbed his own fist full of hair and really put it down my throat as he cummed.

Now B was ready to cum too. He put me on my back and held my legs open as he fucking gave it to me. He pounded and pounded until he finally pulled out and cummed all over my stomach. As he got up to get dressed, Colter was staring at me covered in cum. I looked back at him and tasted some of B’s cum off my stomach using my finger.

Colter smiled, pulling me close. I felt his dick was hard again. He kissed me, sticking it back in me. I looked over at B, who was watching.

“He’s going to fuck you again?”

“Mmmmm,” I told him as I stared at B.

Colter gave me a pounding until he cummed again, adding his load to B’s all over my stomach.

To get a look at the video from this night, read more about my encounters, chat with Colter and me, see all my videos, and more, consider subscribing to my site or OnlyFans 😘


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