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Goodbye J

A few years ago, Colter and I were on Tinder. We were looking for someone to have some fun and fool around. I matched with J. We were around the same age, and chatting, we seemed to hit it off right away.

Colter used to work late in those days. One night while he was working, J asked if we wanted to come to a party. Colter said he was down.

We all had hit it off. We fucked several times. The thing is, though, J liked this girl. She wasn't down to play like we were. So when they were together, we didn't get to play. They would break up and get back together. Whenever they would break up, we would fuck. Which happened a few times.

About a week ago, J messaged me. He told me he was moving to a city four hours from here. Funny enough, I used to live there! I told him we should get together before he goes.

J came over; we were hanging in our bedroom. J and Colter were lying on the bed; I was sitting between them. Sitting on J's lap, I felt his cock getting hard under my pussy. Then, working my hips back and forth, J started grabbing on my ass. Finally, Colter came around since I was straddling J reverse cowgirl; sticking his finger in my mouth, I sucked it.

I stood up so J could take his pants off. Then, I got on his lap again, this time facing J so I could kiss him. He kept grabbing at my ass. I was only wearing a brown bodysuit, so my ass showed the entire time he was there.

Rubbing my hands down his chest, I made my way to his waistband. With some help from him, his boxers were off. His cock flapped hard against his skin. Slapped his cock on my tits, stroking it up and down. My lips kissed his firm chest. Lower and lower. I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock before plunging it down my throat.

J told me he wanted to 69. So I sat my pussy on his face and kept gagging on him. While we did this, Colter went back to help J out. He stuck his thumb in my ass while J played with my pussy. Stretching me open.

Colter took my arm, laying me on my back, legs spread. J Came between my legs, rubbing his hard cock on my pussy before pressing it into me. I like when J pounds me hard, and this time he gives it to me. My tits bounced up and down as he pounded away.

When he was ready, J pulled out, bending me over now. His hand reached around, rubbing my clit, before he moved it up, tightening around my throat. My pussy was so fucking wet. J fucked me harder, using my throat as leverage. Finally, my legs got shaky; I had to lay down flat. His hard cock was hitting the back of my pussy. I could feel him getting harder as his cock throbbed, about to fill me up ;)


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