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Guy I Just Met on Tinder Busts Fast

I had been chatting with this guy from tinder for a couple of days. But, unfortunately, he was in town for work and wouldn't be here long. I hadn't planned to play with anyone that night; Colter said we should, though, so I decided I would be a good girl and invite him over.

When I greeted him at the door, he was taller than I'd expected. I hugged him, and already I could feel his cock was hard. I led him to our bedroom and had him lie next to Colter. I took out our guest's cock and started sucking it. I reached my free hand over to stroke Colter's cock. Colter's hand grabbed the back of my head and bobbed it, so our guest's cock went deep into my throat. He let out a deep moan, and I could feel my pussy dripping.

Next, I sucked Colter's cock, going back and forth between the two sexy men in front of me. Then I had the boys scoot in closer together, and I twirled their cocks together.

Finally, after switching back and forth, Colter positioned himself behind me. I was still sucking cock when I felt Colter press himself into me. I yelped a loud moan. Soon after, though, our guest couldn't contain himself. He ended up busting a little unexpectedly. After that, he was ready to go! I'm not sure if he was just a little embarrassed, but we didn't get to finish up.

It was a little unsatisfying, I'll be honest, but I know it happens sometimes.

I will be posting the clips I did get in the Camera Roll. There will also be a special separate video dropping on Halloween!


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Is there more to this encounter? It’s hot when the guy reaches for Colter!

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