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HotWife Sandwiched on the Couch Gets Two Cocks

Colter messaged me while we were at work and told me we would have company that night. J was going to come over, and we were going to "watch" a movie. J said he had already seen it, and it was excellent. The opening scene, though, was a sex scene, which got me all horny. Immediately I started rubbing on their cocks.

Soon, I was sliding onto my knees; both men dropped their pants, and I started blowing them. As I put J in my mouth, Colter reached his hand over, bobbing my head deep down onto J's cock. Next, I went to work sucking Colter's cock as J began to finger me. His hands were strong, and he quickly worked at my clit.

Then, the boys stood up with me still on my knees; J took a turn guiding my head onto Colter's cock, firmly gripping the back of my head. Colter then took a step back and jerked off while I sucked J's cock, taking it out now and then to slap it on my face.

After a while more of this, J sat down on the couch, and I climbed onto his lap, using a bit of my spit to rub his cock. Pulling my panties to the side, J pressed his cock into me. I began slowly working him in and out of me before bouncing quickly up and down. Feeling J's thick cock stretch my pussy and press against the back of it when he was fully inside me. Colter came behind me, grabbing my tits firmly as I rode J's cock.

Next, I got down on all fours and began to suck J's cock. I could taste my pussy on it. (Which turns me on a lot.) Colter came behind me and started fucking me.

Soon Colter slapped my ass, picked me up, and carried me up to the bedroom. Laying me flat on my back and putting my legs up, Colter stuck his cock in me. J climbed up on the bed and began fucking my face. We switched back and forth several more times, J fucking me for a while, and then Colter.

Eventually, J laid down, allowing me to climb onto his cock. As I rode him, Colter came up behind me and stuck his cock into my pussy while J was still inside me as well. Instantly it felt like I was cumming. They both fucked my pussy at the same time until they busted inside me.

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