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Late Night Bull Riding Pt 2-- Hands Tied and Bull Takes Advantage

Colter and A---- had just been spit-roasting me. At this point, we had all been fucking for about an hour. Then, finally, Colter went into the closet and came back with a rope. I willingly let him take my wrists, tying them together behind my back. Next, Colter led me to the end of the bed, having me get down on my knees.

A---- stood in front of me, grabbing my head for support; he shoved his cock down my throat. "Do you want me to be more forceful?" He asked.

I didn't take his cock out of my mouth, but a grunted yes. A----'s strong hand now held the back of my head in place while he thrust his hips forward, forcing himself deep into my throat.

Soon he picked me up, bending me over the bed and using my tied hands for leverage; a ---- pressed his cock into my pussy. I was already sore; from the hour or so of fucking that had led up to this. A---- placed one hand on my hip, and the other gripped my bound hands. He could slam his cock deep into me with his hands like this. I could feel him hit the back of my pussy with every thrust. My legs were getting shaky.

Next, Colter tied my hands in front of me. This way, I could be laid out flat on the bed. Colter took the end of the rope and pulled it over my head. I spread my legs as wide as possible; A---- came between them. I felt him rub his cock on my clit, lapping it in my juiced before pressing it into me again. A----'s strong body worked hard, pumping me with his hard cock. Being tied up feels so primal and makes me that much hornier. Finally, A----- climbed up on top of me, using one hand to hold down my bound hands and the other to guide his cock into my mouth. This way, he could fuck my face just how he liked it.

A---- has told me a couple of times that he doesn't usually cum when he hooks up with girls. He said it has to be the right situation, and the girl has to be good. So he got behind me and started fucking. I threw myself back, hands still tied in front of me.

"I think I'm going to cum!" He moaned.

"Cum for me, baby!" I begged. "Give it to me. Give it to me."

I could feel his cock throb, getting harder inside of me. "Give it to me."

Again his cock was pulsing inside me; this time I could feel the warmth of cum shooting inside me.

I'm going to be posting a new clip from this encounter every day this week! Check out the Camera Roll. The Full Scene will be up on Saturday!


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