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Lunch Break Fuck

I woke up extra horny that day. I imagine this to be what it feels like to a man when he wakes up with wood. Unfortunately, Colter left for work earlier than me, so he was already gone. As a result, the morning hours dragged on painfully—work passing by at a snail's pace.

Sitting at my desk working on client files, I could feel my pussy's wetness. It coats my lips with slippery juices, so every time I move my legs, I'm reminded again just how fucking bad I want it.

I decided I had to see who I could get someone to play. So I fired off a few texts. Colter messaged me back. He told me he was also feeling devious that morning. I asked him if there was a chance to sneak away from work for some fun. He, unfortunately, couldn't.

"You should have some fun, though ;)" he texted me.

It was another painful forty minutes. Then, finally, Alex texted me back. He was free. So on my lunch, I snuck back to my house for some fun. I didn't have long, but we got acquainted quickly. I took him into our little home office, sitting on the edge of the desk. I was wearing a red blouse and black skirty with a high leg split.

As Alex drew closer to me, I could see he was a little hard. His basketball shorts were bulging. Our playful banter ended as we kissed. Hands gripping and wandering all over my ass. Slipping up my skirt, he pulled my panties off, slipping them over my heels. His hands traveled back up my legs, rubbing on my pussy.

Then he stood me up, bending me over the desk. His shorts came down, I could feel his hard cock rub up against my pussy lips. Alex pushed his cock into me, and I could feel my lips gripping him. I moaned, feeling his balls on my clit. His strong hand reached around my throat, gripping it. He choked me just a little, pulling me back to whisper dirty things in my ear.

After he fucked me like this for a while, I was cock hungry. I wanted to be fed. I handed Alex my phone and told him I wanted to taste his cum. He recorded me as I got on my knees and went to work. Putting him in the back of my throat, I got the cum I had wanted all morning.



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