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MFM Threesome with Big Hairy Cock

You can watch the full video from this encounter in the ALL ACCESS part of this site.

I've been looking for a new boy toy for a while; I finally found a good one 😍 We will call him C, haha. I found him on Tinder. Lately, most of the guys I've matched with have been off-put about Colter and I being a couple. He was super into it, though! So we started messaging, exchanged a few pics, and said he was down to come over. We started out by smoking a Backwood. Just chatting and getting to know each other. Colter and C sat in the chairs in our bedroom. I was rubbing on both of their knees. I sat on Colter's lap for a bit; when he got up to go to the bathroom, I went and sat on C's lap. It was all really natural, which was nice. When Colter got back, I started grinding more on C. I told Colter to come stand in front of me while I felt C get hard under my ass ;) Eventually, we laid down on the bed, I between the boys. I stroked their cocks. Colter grabbed my head, guiding it to his cock he had just pulled out. C was really turned on by this. (It was his first MFM, but he was so fucking into it) Once I had given Colter some head, I decided I couldn't let C wait any longer. I pulled out his cock and went to work sucking it too. I was not disappointed 😍

I told Colter I wanted him to fuck me. He went behind me, sticking his cock in me while I gave C head still. His cock got harder and harder. Colter kept telling me how wet I was. I rolled over on my back, spreading my legs for C. Colter stepped back for a bit, getting some shots and really enjoying the show ;) Since it was my first time fucking C, he let us get to know each other hehe. C pounded me so good 😍 Once C had tired himself out a bit, Colter came and laid down. Now it was his turn to get head while C kept fucking me. C was giving it to me so good. I cummed several times. I wanted him to fill me up. So I begged him for it ;) I felt his cock get a little harder and then throb in my tender pussy as his cum pumped into me. "I"m going to cum!" He kept saying. "Give it to me! Fill me up." I whined, putting Colter's cock back in my mouth. As C thrust into me as deeply as he could, shooting his load, Colter exploded in my mouth and face.


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