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How it works

For $20 a month you get ALL of our past SCENES  and all future scenes. You can chat directly with me. Read my most intimate posts and thoughts and see my nudes. 😍

For every month that you are subscribed, you will receive 10 SexyPoints. These can be redeemed for Private Calls with me, Custom Videos, or even to get a pair of my panties! To see how many points you have check out the MY REWARDS section of your account. 

1. Create your account

2. You will receive a confirmation email where you will link your payment. (This is done through a payment portal) NOTE: Venmo can also be used. Although this doesn't allow for auto-renewal. Your purchase will be good for 30 days. 

3. You will receive an activation email. Once you receive this, you can log in to ALL ACCESS. 

(You will receive this email once I activate your account. I'm working on getting this automated. It may take an hour or two to receive the activation email. In most cases, you get it right away!)

steps to signing up

Payment Issues

In some areas payment method isn't available. If this is the case try using the Venmo option or a VPN and that should take care of your issue! 

If you're still having trouble feel free to fill out the HELP form. 

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