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First MFM Experience 

When Colter and I first got together he was in an open relationship. He had been with this girl for a while. I had never been in any kind of relationship like it. But my last boyfriend was super jealous and controlling. It piqued my interest because he was exactly the opposite. He encouraged me to be kinky and open about desires. 

            Early on Colter told me he thought threesomes were really hot. I had never tried it before, so I was kind of hesitant. As Colter and I continued fucking and slowly getting kinkier and kinkier, one night he had me bent over and stuck his cock in my ass. At first, I wiggled away in shock a little bit. He didn’t let me get too far though and pressed it deeper in. 
           I held still letting him do what he wanted. After the first bit of pain, it started to feel really fucking amazing. Sometime after that I started to think about how good if felt, and how good it would feel if someone else was fucking my pussy at the same time. 

            After a bit of banter Colter said he had a friend that we had hung out with a few times. He said that we should try to have a threesome with him. It took me a bit to get my head around it. One night, (this friend we will call him R) came over and we were all having some drinks. We went through the bottle we had at our house and were all vibing. R said he had another bottle at his house if we wanted to go over there. 

            So off we went. We had a few more drinks and things started to heat up a bit. We were in R’s room watching a movie. I was sandwiched between them. Colter started rubbing on my pussy. This started the playfulness. 

            R said he had to go to the bathroom, so he left for a bit. I went to the nightstand to get another shot. Once I had taken it Colter came over to stand beside me. I was on my knees already and I started rubbing my cheek on his cock, through his pants. I could feel him getting hard. Then R came back in. He kinda hesitated, not sure if he was interrupting. 

            “Come in.” Colter told him. “Come over here.” 

            I was really nervous, but not scared. R giggled as he came over to stand next to Colter. I started rubbing my other cheek on R’s cock, also through his pants. I looked up to Colter to see if it was okay. He smiled encouragingly. 

            Then Colter pulled his cock out. I started licking on it. Then I reached over and pulled R’s out too. They were kind of standing close, so their cocks were right there in front of me. I started licking between the two of them. 

            Then I realized what I was doing and got a little worried. I went to stop. 

            “Come on.” Colter teased a little. 

            All my fears went away. R had a nice cock. I wanted it and Colter was okay with it so I said fuck it and went to sucking them off. I played with them both like this for a bit before Colter started fucking me. He bent me over so I could still suck R. I remember looking back at him while he was fucking me, and I was still licking on R’s cock. He had the most devious sexy smile on his face. 

            After a bit of this Colter stopped fucking me for a moment and sat next to R. I came and sat on his lap. I kept looking over at R who was rubbing his dick. (I fucking love seeing guys stroke it) 

Colter whispered in my ear “You can fuck him if you want.” 

“Are you sure?” 


So, I straddled R and threw my hips down onto his hard cock. 

And from there I was hooked. 

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