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A Few Summers Ago We Swapped with a Couple. (Real Swap Encounter)

I matched with J, and we chatted for a bit. I liked his vibe. He was easy to talk with. He asked if we wanted to go to a bit of a party. Colter agreed, so, on a hot summer night, we drove to the address. Unfortunately, Colter had worked late that night, so by the time we got there, it was already almost 11.

He greeted us in the front yard with a hug for both of us. Of course, he apologized right away for already being pretty fucked up. But he was friendly and nice.

He took us in, introducing us to the other people at the party. It wasn't huge. There were maybe ten people in total. J started feeding us shots to "catch up." After about an hour of talking with everyone and having some drinks, things started to heat up a bit.

Dares started floating around the party. J dared me to kiss this girl we will call S. Another couple was dared to feel my tits. Then the host dared Colter and this other kid to compete with who could give me the worst hickey. Colter won. And if you watch the entire scene, you can see the mark on my ass.

After, everyone started wandering around. I was pretty drunk at this point, and so was Colter. (And everyone for that matter)

A few people decided they were going to leave. I had been chatting with one of the girls, so I walked out with them. Colter was talking to someone in the kitchen still. I and I showed them to the door. When J closed the door after they had left, I grabbed him. He put me against the door and kissed me. I yanked him in closer so I could really feel his body against me.

After a moment or two, we headed back to the kitchen like normal. We sat around the table. The girl I had kissed earlier was sitting on J's lap, and I was on Colter's. Colter kept looking, and J and S.

He whispered in my ear, "Get them and let's go in that room."

Giggling, I told J to come here. He did. "Let's go." he nodded happily and went to walk off.

"Wait..." I told him, "get her." I pointed to S.

He grabbed her hand and led her off with us.

She grabbed my arm. "I'm nervous. I've never had a foursome before."

I smiled and her, "I haven't either."

We went into J's room and closed the door. Right away, S and I went to sucking the boy's dicks. They sat on the edge of the bed, and we sat on our knees. I smiled over at S; she reached over, rubbing on Colter's dick while she still sucked J.

After a bit of this, I wanted the bottle so we could have a few more. So I pulled a shirt and pants on and went to grab it.

When I came back, S was bent over blowing J, and Colter was fucking her. I took a drink from the bottle and got all of them to take a drink. Then J grabbed me and laid me on the bed. S was lying right next to me. Then J started fucking me and Colter her. I had never seen him fuck a time before. But I thought it was sexy as fuck.

J felt good inside me. Colter flipped S over and started fucking her doggie. Her face was right by mine, so we kissed. She was moaning and moaning. J began to fuck me harder.

"He's good, huh?" I asked her.

She breathed a yes. I reached down between her legs and rubbed her clit. I could feel Colter sliding in and out of her. She screamed in pleasure.

"I'm gonna cum!" She moaned.

I fucking died it was so hot 😩😩

Shortly after, though, some people knocked on the door and said S' ride was leaving. We all got dressed so we could walk her out.

After they had left, we went back into the house and kept having drinks. J ended up getting quite sick and passed out in his bed. We went back to the kitchen to hang with the few people left until we sobered up a little. We drank a bit more, but soon they were all ready for bed. They told us to chill on the couch, and we could leave in the opening.

Once they were all in their rooms, Colter kissed me hard, feeling my pussy. It was wet.

"Do you wanna go in there and keep fucking?" He asked, pointing to J's room.

I giggled. "I'm down."

We quietly snuck down the hall and eased into his room. Colter flipped the light on and started recording. I went to J so I could get him awake ;)

J was passed out when we first went into his room. Colter just hung back and recorded. I whispered in his ear, telling him to roll over. He mumbled a little as he came awake. His dick got hard right away.

We got our pants off, and seeing his hard dick; I needed on it. I didn't even take my panties off. I just pulled them over. I reached down and worked his cock into my pussy.

I remember he still looked half asleep as I started riding him. He was wincing at the light.

I jumped off his cock and started sucking it. Colter got in close to get a good view of it. J grabbed my head and fucked my face. After he pulled my panties off so I could go for another ride 😈

As I started fucking J, his dick slipped out. Colter was nice enough to put it back in for me ;)

Then Colter walked around the bed and stood over us so I could blow him too. But J's bed broke 😂😂

We just kept fucking, though.

After this, J was more awake and flipped me over to start fucking me. I decided I was ready for DP, so I told them I wanted both of them. J laid in his back, and Colter cane behind me as I fucked J.

I screamed when I felt Colter slide into my ass too. Being so full makes my whole body tremble. I cummed so hard.

Each of the boys took their turn on me after that. On J's turn, he grabbed my neck and started pounding me hard. Colter stood over me, watching and recording. J gave it to me hard until he pulled out and exploded all over my stomach. Colter drooped to his knees and cummed all over my face.

By far one of the craziest nights we've had, haha.

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