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Bath for Three

We were staying in a master suite with a giant tub, so we had to take advantage of it. Colter and Alex nestled me on either side. I made out with each of them, then sloshed my ass out of the water. Colter slapped my ass a few times, and Alex slipped his fingers into my pussy. Soon I could feel Colter's fingers working my clit. I let a deep moan out.

Alex gave my ass a good slap. Colter followed.

"MMM I fucking love that!" They each took turns smacking my ass. "I fucking love that. Do it harder!"

They kept taking turns slapping my ass over and over. I kept begging for more and more.

Once we were out of the bath, we went to the bedroom. Letting our robed fall to the ground, I took Alex over to the window. I put my hands against the glass and my leg on the windowsill. Alex's fingers rubbed my pussy juices around my lips; I moaned as he pressed his cock into me.

He started slow, and I could feel my pussy stretching on his thick cock. Slow at first, and then quicker and quicker, he fucked me. Finally, my legs got shaky; I had to set my foot down. Alex's hand twisted up a fist full of hair, and he leveraged it to pull me down harder on his cock.

Alex let his cock slide out of me and sat on the chair next to the window. Like a good little slut, I got on my knees to put his dick in my mouth. Slowly, I swirled my tongue around his head, getting it nice and wet before shoving his shaft down my throat. Using both hands, Alex grabbed either side of my head fucking my face.

Next, I crawled over to the bed on all fours. I climbed up onto the bed, keeping my ass in the air. Alex took position behind me; Colter came to shove his dick in my mouth. They gave me a good spit roast. Every time Alex would push his dick deeper, it would force Colter's cock deeper into my throat.

Soon I was so worn out I fell onto the bed. My head in Alex's lap, he played with my tits and choked me. While Colter played with my clit, making me cum so fucking hard.


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