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Blindfolded and Double Penetrated

The last few weeks were filled with family time. But, unfortunately, with the holidays, there hadn't been time for naughty fun. But I finally had a free weekend, so I texted Dawson to see if he was down for some fun.

We ended up getting a room at the Palace Station. Colter and I got there first. He told me to get completely naked. He had brought a blindfold and some rope. Colter tied the rope around my neck, wrapping it down around my tits and then my waist, with the ends used to tie my hands together. Next, he blindfolded me so I couldn't see anything. Finally, Colter led me to the bed; I climbed up, sitting on my knees.

"Stay here." He ordered.

I heard him saying something to Dawson, but I couldn't quite make it out. Next, I felt the bed move as someone was walking toward me. I opened my mouth, sticking out my tongue. A hand touched my head, and I felt his cock slide into my mouth. It was Dawson, and I started sucking right away. As I sucked his cock I heard Colter click on a vibrator he had brought. He held it to my pussy. I moaned, spitting all over Dawson's cock.

Next, Dawson lay down on the bed. Colter guided my ass back, so I was standing at the end of the bed. I felt Colter press into my pussy; I moaned, stroking Dawson's cock. My hands tied in a way I could still use them. Colter fucked me. Gripping my ass checks, pulling me down onto him. Colter grabbed my hair, wrapping it in his hands; he used it as leverage to either pull me down onto his cock, or push me forward, sliding his cock out of my pussy, but Dawson's cock deeper down my throat.

After this, I climbed up onto Dawson's cock, straddling him. He grabbed my hands and bounced me up and down on his hard dick. My tits bounced, and I ground my hips this way and that, making his dick smash the back of my pussy.

My breath caught in my throat when I felt Colter press his dick into my ass. I hadn't been expecting it. Dawson moaned loud too, as he felt it from inside my pussy. They worked their cocks in and out. I could feel my ass stretching, and my pussy felt even more packed.

I will be posting a video of this encounter every day this week in the Camera Roll! Entire scene dropping on Saturday!


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