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Hotwife Calls Out of Work to get FUCKED

It can be pretty tricky to work out everyone's schedules when you're trying to fuck multiple people. I had been trying for a few weeks to get something set up. But, unfortunately, my plans fell through on more than one occasion.

When J texted me that morning and asked if I was down to play, my pussy was instantly wet. I get like that from time to time. If I haven't been getting my fill of dick, the slightest thought or touch will cause a lake in my panties.

When J got to our house, I sat with Colter on one side and J on the other. I wore my black stockings with a girdle. An oversized white blouse covered my tits, although I wasn't wearing any panties if you looked up my shirt.

Colter's and J's hands each roamed a thigh. I spread my legs, hooking one over J's lap and one over Colter's. Their hands rubbed my pussy. J hiked my shirt up, slipping a finger into my wet pussy. I bent over, pulling Colter's cock out of his sweats and putting it into my mouth.

I pulled my shirt off, switching now so that I could suck on J. Colter pressed his hard cock into me. I moaned, choking J down deeper. I really wanted him to feel the back of my throat.

When the boys switched so J could fuck me and I could suck on Colter, he put the camera down so you could see the spit-roast from the bottom. I've watched this clip over and over. I love seeing cock pump in and out of me.

J went to work on me. I could feel his strong hands grip my hips on either side, pulling me down harder onto his cock. His balls slapped against my clit every time he pounded me harder.

Colter at my front pulled his cock entirely out of my mouth, sticking it back in and repeating this process. My legs were shaky, and J kept giving it to me. I could feel his cock throb, getting harder inside of me. I threw my hips back harder. I have a bad cum fetish. So the thought of him filling me up made me throw it back that much more.

J shoved his hard cock deep into me one more time. Grinding his hips forward as his balls pulsed. I felt the warmth shoot inside of me. As he pulled his cock out, cum dripped down onto my clit. Colter reached his hand back, rubbing a finger between my pussy lips to feel J's warm load.

New Clips dropping in the Camera Roll Tomorrow! Full Scene on Friday!


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