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HotWife Railed in Hotel Room by Guy She Just Met on Tindr

I matched with this guy on Tinder. After chatting with him a bit, I got his phone number and texted him.

Colter and I checked into a hotel room. We were sipping on some Claws while we waited. Finally, a knock came on the door. Nervousness shot through me. I've been ovulating, which always makes me insatiably horny. My pussy was tingling with anticipation even before Alex was in the room.

I opened the door and hugged him. Then, Alex came in, and Colter came over, greeting Alex and introducing himself.

We went to bed, gave Alex a drink, and started shooting the shit. Alex is into motorcycles as well, so Colter and he had something to talk about. So we bantered on and on until I couldn't take it anymore.

I was positioned between Alex and Colter on the bed. I turned my head to the left and kissed Alex- he kissed me back passionately. Each of my hands wandered to their cocks- stroking them over their jeans. They were already getting hard.

Alex's strong fingers slipped up my dress, rubbing my pussy over my g-string. Then, as I kissed him harder, he moved to the inside, rubbing my clit. You could audibly hear how wet my pussy was.

"I wanna suck your dick," I whispered, sitting up to face the boys. "I wanna suck your dick too."

Stroking both of them for a moment, I gripped Alex's pants, pulling them down. Taking his cock in my hand, I lowered my head, licking his head. Softly I sucked his tip at first before plunging it to the back of my throat. Soon, his hand found my head, and he guided my head how he liked it.

Colter played with my pussy while I sucked Alex's cock.

Coming around the other side of the bed, Colter recorded up close as I gave Alex my throat. His cock was throbbing. He pulled me up, kissing my mouth, then I bent over, offering myself from behind. Then Alex pulled my g-string to the side and pressed his cock into me.

Throwing myself back onto his cock I reached up, pulling my dress strap down. Colter came over, sticking his finger in my mouth. Next, Colter pulled out his cock, sticking that in my mouth too.

There is this hypnotic horny rhythm when I'm sucking dick and getting fucked that I enjoy. Each cock, working in opposite pleasure.

As we fucked Alex got a little rougher, a little more dominant. Which I fucking love. His hands wrapped in my hair, pulling my head back a little. Giving him more leverage to pound my pussy deeper. I think Colter liked it too. He walked to the front of me and gripped my throat, thrusting me back onto Alex's cock.

Then Colter stood up on the bed as Alex continued to fuck me from behind. After that, we got another, even better spit roast going. Finally, Colter stepped back; Alex flipped me on my back, spreading my legs.

Alex's hand tightened on my throat as he pounded away. Once my legs were quivering, Alex laid on his back. I bent over, sucking my pussy juices off his yummy cock. Next, Colter took his turn fucking me from behind.

"MMM, do you want to cum in my mouth?" I asked Alex.

I sucked his cock until he was throbbing. Then, I put him as deep in my throat as I could; his cock pulsed, shooting his load down it. Colter stood up on the bed; I got on my knees and sucked him dry too. His load shot all over my face and tits.


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