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Hotwife Tied to Bed and Fucked While Husband Records

Dawson had just left a massive load of cum in my pussy. Soon after, Alex texted me and said he was also trying to hang out. Colter decided it would be fun to restrain me to the bed and let Alex have his fun with me. I thought this was a great idea!

Colter had me tied down and ready when Alex got there. I watched as Colter opened the door and invited Alex in. Alex looked at me and smiled, seeing I was ready for him. Then, slipping off his shoes, Alex came to my left side. His hand went between my legs right away, and as he rubbed his fingers on my pussy I could feel Dawson's cum on my pussy lips. He kissed me as his fingers reached deep inside me.

Alex climbed up onto the bed, unbuckling his pants. He pulled his stiff cock out, and I opened my mouth, sticking out my tongue.

"MMM." I moaned.

"Yeah?" He teased, "you fucking want it?"

"Mmhmmm!" I moaned louder.

I turned my head to easily slide his cock down my throat. Since I was restrained to the bed, Alex could fuck my face how he wanted, and I was happy to let him do so. I love when a guy isn't afraid to fuck my face. Now that I had slobbered all over his cock, Alex went between my legs. I ground my hips forward, eager to have him inside. I couldn't help but moan as I could feel him sliding into me. Alex's hand gripped my throat, using it as leverage to fuck me deeper and harder.

Next, Alex unlooked my legs to straddle them on his shoulders. Then, he pulled himself deep into me using my thighs, pumping away. Once we did this for a bit, Alex freed my hands; this was only to bend me over, though. Finally, Colter came up and stood on the bed while I was on all fours, he took out his cock, and I started sucking it while Alex took my pussy.

Once the boys had given me a proper spit roast, Alex flipped me over and tied me back down. One of my legs was a little loose. I told Alex to tighten up all the ropes.

"I just want my hips dislocated." I teased.

Once I was tightly tied down, we started fucking all over again.

Alex fucked me hard. Slamming his cock deep into my pussy, until he finally added a huge load to join Dawson's.

I will be posting a new clip from this fuck for the next five days! Full Scene dropping in one week!


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