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I Love Anal

When I was younger, I never imagined anal would feel good. On the contrary, everything I'd heard from people made it sound painful even. The first time I tried, it was painful. Once his cock was past a certain point, though, it began to feel really fucking good.

Shortly after trying anal for the first time, I decided to have a threesome. If a dick in your ass feels good, having a dick in both holes at once must feel amazing. You can read about that encounter here.

Recently I ordered a new set of butt plugs; I decided to make a night of it. I got one of my favorite dildos to ride, putting in a but plug first. I bounced my ass on the big black dildo; my pussy felt full. As I sat deeper onto the cock I could also feel how full my ass was.

Next, Colter took me over to the couch and bent me over. I reached back and carefully pulled the buttplug out. I could feel my asshole stretch open as I did. Cold lube dripped down my ass; Colter was getting me ready. I moaned as he pressed the dildo into my ass next.

I couldn't help the screaming moans as he plunged the dildo into my ass. Colter told me to take it, and I did. I pumped it in and out as deep as I could. Through my pussy I could feel the dildo stretching me. Quickly, Colter would pull the dildo out, allowing my ass to close slowly before sticking it back in again.

The next time he pulled it out, Colter stuck his cock in. I wanted it; I threw my ass back onto him.

We fucked until I begged him to cum in my ass!

There are clips in the camera roll now! Full Scenes are dropping this weekend!


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