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Larkey Family Part 1 (Erotic Fiction)

Dan looked out the window as his three children left for school. The twins, Breonna and Blanca, and Casey, his boy.

He turned back to his wife, who was lying in their bed. She was fast asleep, her leg half sticking out of the covers. She had had a long night. Out fucking god only knows who. That is how he liked it, both fulfilling their every desire. Their entire life reflected this. From who they fucked, to their positions, to their beautiful home.

Dan watched her stir a little in bed, still asleep. The covers shifted more, revealing her pussy. He wasn't sure from this distance, but he thought he could see some dried semen on her leg. He felt his cock elongate in his boxers. Tucking his fingers into his waistband, he flicked them down around his ankles as he started stroking his cock.

Soon he was throbbing in his own hand as he stared at his wife. He moved to her side of the bed. Then, carefully not to wake her, he lowered himself over on top of her. She was laying on her stomach, ass offered up to him. Although she was not aware of this yet.

He lapped some of his spit onto his fingertips, rubbing it on the head of his cock. Carefully I positioned it at the mouth of her pussy. Now that he was closer, he could see that it was dried semen on her pussy lips. It must have slowly seeped out of her while she slept.

With a smile, he pressed himself into her. She moaned, coming awake. She stirred a little in surprise. With the hand he wasn't using to hold himself up, he pressed the back of her neck down so she couldn't' wiggle away. This made her moan louder, although now it was muffled into the pillows. He felt her press her ass against him harder, drawing his cock deeper into her.

Her fists tightened, gripping fist fulls of the sheets as he pounded away at her. Finally, he reached down, releasing her neck to grab a handful of her right ass cheek. After a squeeze, he gave it a slap. She moaned happily at his slap.

Eagerly she threw her ass back at him. Indicating she wanted it harder. Dan smiled, catching her wrist twisting her arm behind her back. He held it like a handle giving him more leverage to pound her from behind harder and harder. Now he had a better view of her chunky ass bouncing with every insertion of his hard cock.

She moaned and started to scream as she approached climax. When Dan could tell she was about to cum he pulled his cock out. He wanted to play.

With her climax slipping away, Manda twisted out from under him. Dan giggled a little at what he had done. Manda smiled her own devious smile, aggressively grabbing him by the throat. Dan's eyes went wide with surprise at her sudden aggression.

Manda threw her weight forward, shoving Dan onto his back now. She reached down, encircling his hard cock in one hand, keeping her other tightly on his throat.

"You like to tease me, don't you?" She hissed.

Dan nodded a simple up and down nod.

Manda wiggled her hips, working his cock between her pussy lips. Dan smiled as she slid down onto him, working her hips this way and that. Once he was deep inside her, Manda threw herself up and down. Her tits bounced in opposite rhythm as she worked her pussy up and down his hard cock. Working her hips just right, his cock hit the inside of her pussy just right. She worked her hips, making his cock rub it back and forth.

Tingles exploded from inside her pussy as she was about to cum. Her muscles tightened, her fingers still tightly gripping Dan's neck flexed inward, digging her long nails into his flesh. Dan opened his mouth, surprised at the pain in his neck, but he didn't stop her.

She threw her head back, gripping her breast with her free hand as she came.

"Fuck!" He moaned himself.

Manda slowed down, working her hips back and forth, enjoying her full orgasm. Slowly her eyes came down to see his. "Fill me up." She ordered, speeding up her hips again.

Dan felt the cum beginning to work its way up to his shaft.




Her phone screamed out. Dan sighed, looking over. Quickly she hopped off his cock.

"Oh, come on!" Dan sighed.

"Shut up. This could be important." She looked at the screen. "It's Bre." She clicked the green answer button. "Hello?"

"Mom! Casey is fighting on the bus! These kids won't leave him alone!"

"What the fuck? On the first day!" Manda barked. "We will be right there." Manda hung up turning to Dan. "Come on. Casey is in a fight. We need to go see what going on."

"Fuck me." Dan sighed, picking up his boxers from the floor.

"Maybe later. Or find someone else to drain you." Manda teased, going to the closet to get some clothes.


Dan took a long drag off his cigarette as he mashed the accelerator down. His car tore down the straightaway. The final approach to his work. One last pull on the cigarette offered a final sting before he flicked it away. Turning the last left into the parking lot, her reached into the glove box, dousing himself in cologne.

He was late from the debacle on the bus. Casey had gotten in a fistfight with some other boys. It was already broken up by the time they had arrived on the scene. Manda said she would speak to the principal so Dan could get to work, which was kind, but he had still arrived 15 minutes late.

With a light jog, Dan closed the distance to the office.

"About time." Kory barked.

Dan clenched his jaw hard. "Sorry about that. I had to go to my kid's school for a minute. He got in a fight."

Kory shrugged. "Did he win?"

Dan shrugged too. "Hard to say. It was broken up by the time we got there. Manda said she would go so could get here."

"Well, hurry up."

Dan nodded, moving off.

It was going to be a long annoying day. The office was hideous. A giant oversized warehouse with one corner poorly fashioned into an office space.

Dan was in charge of the supplier's account. First, he ordered the proper materials needed to build the units. Then, over the next eight hours, he would go over sales and projections. After that, he would have to determine if the supplier could adequately provide all of the parts or if they would have to seek a second supplier. The issue was their company DenSup already bought up 72% of the supplier's total business volume.

Then there was Kory, who would be up his ass all fucking day.

"Hello, Dan." Crystal smiled.

"Good morning. How's everything going?"

Crystal handed him a stack of papers. "So far, so good. You have your phone conference with the supplier in twenty minutes. Kory came by earlier looking for you."

Dan rolled his eyes. "I know he caught me on the way in."

"Are you okay? You seem a little stressed?"

"I just had a hectic morning," Dan said, walking to his office door.

When he got to his desk and began sitting down, he heard his office door close. Looking up, he saw Crystal. She had let herself in and closed the door behind her.

"Do you want to talk about your morning?" She asked pleasantly.

He let out a sigh. "I don't think that would be appropriate."

A sly smile touched her lips. "And why not?"

Dan thought about it a moment before answering. Dan had dropped slight hints here and there to Crystal that he didn't have a traditional marriage. Crystal had probed, but he always gave her vague un assuring answers. He was a pretty private person despite his lifestyle.

Today though, Dan was feeling a little anxious. In need of a blowing off of a little steam.

"Are you sure you want to know?"

Crystal nodded, leaning up against his desk.

He let out a laugh of a sigh. "Well, this morning, I was fucking my wife; right before I was about to cum, she got a phone call. Killed the whole mood. Then it was just off to work before I was late. But of course, I'm late anyway, so Kory gets on my ass."

Crystal laughed a little. "So it's really that you didn't get to cum this morning?"

Dan tilted his head in thought. "Yes, I guess that is pretty much it."

"Well…" Crystal breathed, coming around his side of the desk. "How about we fix that?"

Dan raised his eyebrows in disbelief. "Really? What are you thinking?"

Dan had always gotten the feeling from Crystal that if he wanted to, he could have her. He had always kept a sharp, professional line, however. Now though, Crystal was turning her ass to face him. Her skirt hugged her hips snuggly. Exalting the fullness of it. Softly at first, she rubbed it across the front of him. His cock was already chubbed. Now that her ass was working its way back and forth, his hard-on began full-on.

Crystal giggled, feeling his hard cock in his pants. Dan's hands grabbed the sides of her skirt, pulling it up, revealing a red G string.

"Your cock is really hard." She breathed.

Dan ran his middle finger down the front of her panties. They were soaked.

"And you're really fucking wet." He breathed back. "Let me fuck you."

She arched her back, reaching behind her to grip his cock. "Sorry, boss, you have your conference call you can't miss. But soon…"

Dan sighed again. "I suppose you're right. I guess now at least I have something to look forward to."

She nodded. "That's right. Do you need anything else?" She teased, getting off him.

"No, I don't think so. Just keep Kory the fuck out of here."

Crystal laughed with a nod. "Yessir."


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