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Larkey Family Part 3: Blanca (Erotic Fiction)

Blanca's heart pounded. The lights of her parent's car had just washed over her. Standing as still as she could, Blanca slowly let her breath out. She wasn't sure if they had spotted her. Then, hearing the engine turn off, Blanca put her back against the wall on the far side of the porch.

Giggling flooded out of the vehicle as the doors opened. It was Blanca's mother. Blanca's father's voice echoed through the cool night air next.

"The look on his face was priceless!" Blanca could barely make out her father's words.

"He had no idea how to react!" Her mother giggled.

It didn't seem like they had spotted her. She waited until she heard the back door open and close before darting across the lawn. It was almost eleven PM. The street was dark, the closest light being the street lamp halfway up the block. Two red tail lights glowed in the darkness far off down the lane. Exhaust fumed up in plumes, illuminated from the taillights. She could tell from the shape of the lights it was Javier's car. Briskly Blanca broke into a walk. Nervousness swirled in her. Not in a negative way, though. The kind that made her pussy throb.

Blanca's phone buzzed in her back pocket. Fishing it out, she read the text message from Breoanna. "Please be safe out there."

Blanca smiled. Breoanna was her twin. The connection they shared was more profound than words could ever express. Still, they were plenty different in so many ways. For Breoanna, being a good kid always came quickly. It wasn't a chore. Breoanna genuinely enjoyed doing things the right way. For Blanca, it was a chore. The only attention she ever got was usually a scolding. Whether it was her parents or teachers, they all had more or less the same assessment of her.

That is until her body started to develop. Both Blanca and Breoanna were later bloomers than most. It wasn't until they were halfway through being sixteen. Breoanna didn't want that kind of attention. When she got it anyway, she covered up. Blanca, though, did like that kind of attention. There was a thrill there. One she knew was probably dangerous to dabble in, but nothing in her life had ever made her feel this way. She welcomed the attention. She noticed after her body changed that, she could use it to get things she wanted.

As she walked up to the passenger window, Blanca jumped when she saw a face turn and look at her. Someone was with Javier. She hadn't been expecting that. A smile came to her face when she realized who it was. Trent was on the football team with Javier. Trent started to roll down the window, but Blanca just hopped in the back seat. As she crawled to the middle seat, Blanca could feel her pussy lips rub together, and they were already wet.

"Hey!" Javier started apologetically, "I hope you don't mind Trent is with me. We already had plans to hang out, so I thought we could all just kick it."

Trent turned, smiling at Blanca in the back seat. "You can have the front."

"No! I don't mind at all. I'm glad you're here. Let's go!"

Javier seemed to accept her answer, turning back to the steering wheel. Trent and Javier started chit-chatting about things Blanca was entirely uninterested. That was okay, though. If she was being honest, Javier irritated her. He wasn't exactly a butting academic. He was, however, ripped.

Javier drove them around the city until, at last, they arrived at the hills on the east side. Javier's car wound up the turnbacks until, at last, they were at the overlook. Javier carefully pulled the car to the far edge of the high hill. From here, the city below twinkled—thousands of tiny orange glowing orbs.

Devious excitement boiled up through Blanca. Before anyone could say much, Blanca climbed over the seats to take the middle front seat.

"Well, hello," Javier said in a sort of laugh.

"Hey, boys." Blanca leaned back into her seat in the middle. Intentionally she pushed up against Trent, letting her hand fall on Javier's leg, who was on the other side of her. "So this is 'the view,' huh?"

"Yup." was all Javier managed to get out before Blanca slid her hand up to his bulge.

It was dark so that she couldn't see before, but now that her hand was on it, she could feel he was already getting hard. Trent, on the other side of her, started to move a bit. Blanca was worried he would get out of the car to give them privacy. That isn't what she wanted at all. Letting her head fall back, Blanca kissed Trent. She felt his weight shift back towards her.

Blanca let her weight rest against Trent. Javier's hands began rubbing on her thighs. Blanca kept her eyes pressed tightly shut. She was focusing on the feel of her lips on Trent's and Javier's hands working their way up her skirt. Blanca's hands traced the bulge of Trent's hard cock. His thin basketball shorts did little to conceal it. Blanca squeezed her hand around his base, feeling him pulse.

Next, Blanca felt Javier's fingers pull her black panties to the side. Finally, a firm finger traced the length of her pussy, coming to rest above her clit. Javier's circular motions felt great once she had adjusted his placement slightly. Blanca breathed heavily, letting a moan cry out.

Trent's hands came around Blanca's front, grabbing her breasts forcefully. Trent pulled Blanca more firmly against him as he squeezed and massaged her chest. Blanca spread her legs as wide as the car's front seat would allow. Javier's finger left her clit, working its way down to her opening. Javier moved his finger up and down, lapping her juices onto the tip. It made for easier entry. Still, Blanca's breath caught in her throat when she felt Javier press his finger deep into her. He pressed on her insides, pulling his finger in and out. Blanca had to stop kissing Trent to let her moan out. Then, grinding her hips this way and that, she was able to get Javier's fingers closer to her G spot.

Blanca rolled over, showing her ass to Javier. Her hands pulled her skirt off, dropping them onto the floor. Blanca lowered her face down into Trent's lap. With ease, Blanca pulled Trent's elastic waistband down below his shaft. Using her hand to grip the base, she sucked her lips over the head of his cock; letting her saliva saturate it.

Behind Blanca, Javier rubbed the tip of his cock on her pussy lips. Blanca wanted it; she was wet. She waited until he rubbed his cock right over her hole and threw herself back, forcing Javier's cock deep inside her.


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