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Late Night Baths

It was late; Colter and I were several glasses of wine deep. Finally, he asked me if I wanted to take a bath. Before we entered the water, Colter's finger slipped between my pussy lips, lapping the wetness. I was glad he felt before we got into the water.

The warm water sloshed between my tits. Colter snapped a few pictures. I could make out his cock getting hard under the water ripples. When I see Colter getting hard, I can't help but play with it. He knows pretty much anytime he puts his cock in front of my face; I'm going to suck it.

He went into our room and set up my phone to record. Then he went back to get me. My hand again went right to his cock, stroking him as we made our way to the bed.

"Get on your knees," Colter told me.

Colter held my wrists above my head as I went to my knees. I opened my mouth, sucking on the head of his cock. Ropes twisted around my wrists, securing them tightly together. Once I had no control of my arms, Colter shoved his dick down my throat. He was holding the back of my head to get it as deep as he wanted. I had no way to recoil, but that's how I like it.

Once he'd had his fun of this, he bent me over, smacking my ass. Ropes encircled my ankles.

Soon they were secured tightly together as well.

Colter picked me up, laying me on the bed. I stuck my ass in the air for him, but his strong arm flipped me over. His hand gripped my throat firmly, and he kissed me hard.

With my hands and feet tied, he could spread me out quickly with one hand and finger me with the other. Finally, he rolled me onto my stomach, spreading my ass cheeks wide; his tongue circled my pussy lips, teasing my ass too. I was so horny from his teasing that when he licked my clit I wanted to cum right then.

He came to his knees, lapping his hard cock in the saliva he had left behind, and slowly pressed into me. Once he had worked himself in and out a few times, he took a powerful grip of the back of my head, pressing it down into the bed. He used it as leverage to fuck me harder.

Next, he flipped me onto my back, slinging my legs over one shoulder. Colter's lips kissed me tenderly as his hand cradled my face. He fucked me slow for a bit to check in, slowly building back up in intensity. Finally, he rolled me onto my side; gripping my hip, he twisted his hips just right to hit my spot.

When he flipped me on my stomach again and pounded away, my abdomen tensed up, flexing as I came so fucking hard.

I could feel Colter's cock pulsing as he was about to cum. Then, finally, he pulled out cumming a massive load all over my back. Feeling his warm load on my back made me horny all over again.


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