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Men Take Turns One After the Other for Valentine's

I have had a fantasy for a while. Getting fucked by different men, one right after the other. When I imagined it in my head, I was tied to a hotel bed. Then, a few weeks ago, Colter and I were fucking; I whispered my fantasy to him. He thought it was so fucking hot; when he cummed it was a massive load. Then when we were discussing what we should do for valentines, it seemed a natural fantasy to live out.

We reserved a suite at one of the resorts. One of the nice ones, top floor, jetted tub, and giant shower. Colter went with me to get an outfit to wear. It was red and strappy.

The night came, and our first guest had arrived. Colter took him into the bedroom to wait for me. I put on my outfit in the bathroom, coming out for the boys sitting on the bed. I stood at the end of the bed, turning around to show off my ass. My hands spread my cheeks for them.

I crawled across the bed, kissing Dawson. The room had little lotion bottles in it, so I rubbed some on his chest. Then I had him rub some on my ass. After he finished, I grabbed his cock, licking my tongue around his head. Colter walked around the other side of the bed, his hand gripping the back of my head; he forced Dawsons cock deeper into my throat. Finally, I rolled onto my side while Colter undid the bottom of my outfit.

Getting onto my knees, I presented my ass for Dawson. My breath caught in my throat as he pressed his cock into me. Next, I felt his thumb push onto my asshole; this made me even wetter.

Dawson's cock was throbbing in me; I could tell he wanted to cum. I fucking wanted it. He was still fucking me from behind, so I got up, wrapping my hands around the back of his neck.

"I want to taste your cum." I told him.

When he was about to cum I got down on my knees, sticking my tongue out for him.

Dawson had to be up early the next day, so he left after he finished. His cum was yummy.

I was hoping to get more dick. Finally, after about twenty minutes of waiting, Alex texted me that he would be down to come over. So I replied with my lipstick. Colter came over to me and asked, "Did you have fun with him?"

"Yeah. I'm ready for some more."

When Alex told me he was there, I went to the door in my outfit—greeting him with a kiss. Then, I told him I wanted it in the shower, getting right to business.

Leading him to the bathroom, we couldn't keep our lips off each other. Colter hung back, getting a good shot of it all. Alex bent me over the counter, sticking his fingers in me. I put my leg up on the counter so he could work them in and out better.

I was wet and cock hungry still. I ground my ass against his cock through his shorts. Then, getting down on my knees, he pulled his shorts down, my hand gripped his cock while I licked it.

"I wanna choke on your dick," I whispered.


"mmhmm give it to me."

I put my head against the counter so he could fuck my throat. He felt his cock throb in the back of my throat.

"You like that cock in your throat?" He pulled it out so I could answer.

"Yes. Give me more."

He put his balls on my chin. In and out, I moaned through the gags.

Then he took me to the shower. We got the water nice and hot. Then, getting in, he bent me over, sticking his fat cock in me.

Alex fucked me until my legs were trembling. Then, once he had pumped me full of cum he fingered me; I could feel his warm load lubricating his fingers. After he did this, he picked up my left leg, sticking his cock back in me. He continued fucking me until again he shot another load into me.

This video will be available tomorrow for ALL ACCESS members.


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Great videos and stories guys does Dawson have any sites or socials

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