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My BBC Neighbor

A few weeks ago, one of my neighbors discovered what we do. Since then, Colter has been teasing me to suck his dick. He finally dared me that I wouldn't do it. So I had to work my magic. It took some convincing; my neighbor was shy about being on camera. He finally agreed if I tried not to show his face.

Colter got us a hotel room to meet up at later that night. When I arrived, he sat in a chair watching the game. First, we took a few shots to cheer the night, and then I went over and sat on his lap. Grinding my hips, I could feel him getting hard under his basketball shorts. Then, getting down on my knees, I freed his cock from his shorts. I smiled when I saw how big his cock was. Then, taking it in both hands, I went to work.

After getting a good taste of his cock my pussy was so wet. I got to my feet, hiking my dress up and pulling my panties down. I lowered my ass, positioning his cock at the mouth of my pussy. I wiggled my hips back and forth as I felt his cock begin to stretch my lips open.

I moaned, feeling him slide deeper into me. My pussy stretching open. My neighbor's hands grabbed my hips, pulling my ass down onto his thick cock hard. I couldn't help the moans as I bounced my ass up and down.

Colter was sitting on the bed, watching us. I crawled over on all fours and kissed him. As we kissed, our neighbor came over, shoving his cock back in me. I moaned as I kissed Colter while taking that big cock.

Finally, my neighbor laid down on his back, tired. I got down on my knees and started sucking again. I slobbered all over his cock, really enjoying the girth of it. I couldn't help it, though; I just needed to bounce on it again. I sat on his cock reverse cowgirl. I clasped my hands behind my head, grinding my hips and having a good time.

"I'm cumming!" I moaned, shoving his cock deep into me! "I want to taste your cum."

Getting down on my knees, he stood in front of me. I began sucking his cock. Then, grabbing his balls, I let him feel my throat. I could feel his balls pulsing, ready to shoot their load. I began sucking his dick with more vigor. His cock throbbed, and I felt his warm juicy load shoot into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, but some dripped down my tits.


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