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New In Town- Playing With Three Guys MMMF

Last week I went on a trip with some family. Before I left, though, I needed to get fucked.

I wanted to wear something sexy. Colter and I went into the bathroom so I could change. Once dressed, Colter recorded as I walked back into the bedroom where Max and Dawson were waiting. They're both fit and strong. Their shirts were off, and I was already getting wet as I crawled between them on the bed.

Dawson was on my left; I turned, kissing him. Max grabbed my thighs, teasing me. As I traced the outline of Dawson's cock I could feel him getting hard. Finally, I pulled down Dawson's pants. Max came behind me, so I presented my ass to him. In my mouth was Dawson's thick cock. I gripped it tightly in one hand, slurping it and licking all over his head. Behind me, I felt Max slip my panties to the side; his tongue began to swirl all over my clit.

Next, I got on my knees. Dawson stood in front of me, his hands gripping my hair so he could fuck my face. Max came up close behind me, kissing on my neck. I turned and kissed him, rubbing his cock through his pants. Dawson finally bent me over, pressing his giant dick into me. I could feel my pussy gripping and pulling as he worked it in and out of me. Max came to my front, and I grabbed his cock again. (This was our first meeting, and I think he just had nerves.)

Finally, Dawson flipped me over. He shoved his cock back into me, I spread my legs as much as I could for him. I dangled my head over the side of the bed. Max came over, and I sucked on his cock for a bit. Once Max stepped away for a moment, Dawson gripped my hips hard, slamming his cock into me.

"Where should I cum?" He breathed.

"On me baby. Fucking give it to me!" I begged and moaned.

Dawson pulled his cock out, I felt him pulse, and warm cum shot all over. His cock was still throbbing though he rubbed his shaft up and down my clit. Which had the effect of massaging the cum all over.

Colter, who had mostly been watching up to this point, came over and stuck his cock in my mouth. He fucked my face, and it wasn't long until he was throbbing and cumming. Giving me a yummy facial to finish it all off!

I will be dropping a video from this encounter every day this week! Full Scene on Sunday 😘😘


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