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Real Wife Share Story: Our Second MFM with J

After our last threesome at the house party, we kept in touch with J.

I had a fantastic time at the party. We all vibed well. Eventually, we decided to invite J over for some more fun.

He came over one night for some drinks. We started with a couple of shots. Then, J, Colter, and I all stood around talking. We had a chessboard sitting on the kitchen table.

J jokingly was talking shit that he could beat me in a game. So we started playing, and as we went on, we decided that whoever lost had to give the other head.

It ended in a stalemate, haha.

We all decided to migrate to the living room. We all sat on the couch, me between the boys. Colter got up and went to the bathroom. I took this as a chance to get my hands on J. I grabbed a handful of his cock and kissed him. He got hard right away. Colter came back and sat on the other side me of me on the couch. I reached over, grabbing his cock too. The boys each started playing with my boobs. They tore my shirt down, and each started sucking on my nipples, which is one of my favorite things.

While they did, I got their pants unbuttoned, so I could start rubbing their cocks. Then, I dropped to my knees and took turns blowing each of them. Next... I took them up to our bedroom.

Colter laid on the bed, and J bent me over and started fucking me. I started sucking Colter while J had me. Once we had done that for a bit, J laid down, and Colter took his turn. Colter pounded me from behind. I was so horny I was sliding J’s cock down my throat. Colter fucking me from behind would grab my hair and push down to make J go deeper.

Colter stood, turning me around so I was riding J reverse cowgirl and could blow him. J slapped my ass and put his finger in my ass.

After a bit of this, Colter grabbed my wrists and whipped me onto the bed on my back. Then, he pushed my head down and started tying my wrists.

“Tie me up, baby. Tie me up.” I begged.

With my hands tied to the bed Colter, and J took turns on me. They each watched each other fuck me. I wanted it hard 😈

After J had taken his turn, he untied my hands and bent me over. I felt his thick cock slide into me before he went to town, pounding hard. Next, Colter came up and kneeled on the bed so I could suck his dick. You can see in the second video how hard J was giving it to me. Every time he went in, I could feel him pressing up against the back of my pussy.

I stood up off the bed. J hung his legs over the side of the bed. Colter then bent me over so I could suck J while he took a turn giving me a pounding.

I stared into J’s eyes as I slurped his cock down my throat. Every time Colter would pound me from behind, it would make J go deeper in my throat.

One of my favorite things is when a guy grabs my head and fucks my face the way he wants. It always gets their cocks so hard. When I’m sucking someone else’s dick Colter likes to grab my ponytail and make sure I’m doing a good job ;) something about his encouragement turns me on. Colter grabbed my hair, really making certain J went down my throat.

Soon enough, J wanted a turn, and we switched. Colter was lying on the bed, and J came from behind. He gave it to me so hard.

“Cum in me! Cum in me!” I begged.

He went faster and harder. My legs trembled as I felt J get hard in preparation to cum. He gave me one last thrust in as he filled me up. I love how my pussy feels when it has cum in it.

Colter then laid me on the bed. I reached down, rubbing my pussy a little. I could feel the gooey cum start to come out of my lips.

Colter came between my legs, rubbing his hard cock on my clit. Then, his cock slid into my cumm filled pussy.

“I want you to cum in me too,” I told home.

He fucked me and fucked me. When Colter is about to cum I can always feel his cock throb in my pussy. His cock started throbbing as he went in and out.

There is no line like cum. It makes your pussy feel completely different.

Colter moaned as he added his load to my pussy.

J and Colter both took turns fingering me after playing in the cum a bit. I will admit the next day I was pretty sore ;)


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