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Sexy Hotwife Bred by BBC

My first encounter with Josh was so hot. I was sore for days after he stretched and worked my pussy. You can check out that encounter here.

I knew after our first encounter though that I needed to get some more!

When Josh showed up I was already in my outfit. I answered the door just as you see me in the video. I took him right to the bedroom. As soon as he was inside he began undressing.

Hotwife kisses BBC

Seeing his strong dark body was already making my pussy wet. I went to him, kissing his lips as he pulled me in. My hand stroked his meaty cock, I could feel it starting to get harder. I went to my knees taking him in my mouth.

His cock got harder the more I sucked, bobbing my head down and putting his cock in my throat. I let my saliva get him nice and slippery, allowing me to stroke his cock.

After sucking his cock for a good while, Josh stood me up, and bent me over the bed. His wet cock quickly found my wetter pussy. Pressing his huge cock into me, I wheezed feeling him at the back of my pussy.

As we were fucking Colter was recording us fuck. Suddenly there was a little knock on our bedroom door. In the video, you can see Colter hurriedly put the camera down. It was one of our friends who had left their keys at our house earlier that day. I of course didn't stop fucking Josh, and he definitely didn't stop plowing me.

When Colter came back into the room, Josh took me by the throat and was fucking me hard and deep.

Watch Josh fuck me until he creams my pussy. There is already a clip up in the Camera Roll and there will be new clips every day this next week! Full Scene dropping on Friday!


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