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The Guy from the Hotel

We stayed at this hotel for a night. We met this guy named Chase while we were in the hot tub. We got talking a bit, and he said he had played around on OnlyFans before. We showed him ours, and he seemed really intrigued. We invited him up to our room for a drink. We talked for a couple hours, Colter, Chase, and I. The tension was building a bit. Finally, Colter asked him if he was down to do something with us. He said yes. So I kissed Colter once and turned kissing Chase too. We were sitting on a couch.

I was between them, so I started rubbing their dicks. They were both wearing shorts, so it was easy to feel them getting hard. Colter stood up, and I got on my knees. At first, Chase just watched me blow Colter for a bit. Then Chase stood up too. Colter sat so I could blow Chase for a while. Then I played with both of them at the same time.

Swirling their cocks together. Licking all up and down both shafts. Then Colter told us we should fuck on the bed. Chase took me over, and we kissed. Colter watched as Chase began licking my pussy. I spread my legs wide, holding them open. Colter came over, playing with my nipples. Chase rubbed his cock on my pussy before pushing it in. I love when guys do that! Once he had been fucking me for a while and Colter had gotten a good show, I hung my head off the bed so Chase could keep fucking me, but Colter could fuck my throat too. This is one of my favorite things ;) Then they both got on their knees on the bed. I said between them, playing with their cocks more. Chase blew a massive load all over my tits. Then Colter added his to it, too, hehe. The good news is Chase doesn't live too far from us. I think we're going to be great friends.

Click Here to watch the video from that night


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