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Top 1% OnlyFans Creator Launches Own Site

As a couple who started out doing cam shows, OnlyFans was a breath of fresh air. It provided a way for us to express our sexuality, while being in control. When OnlyFans announced they would be banning sexual content we were crushed. Colter and I had spent over a year consistently posting content. Building a fan base we had grown to love.

We had been working on a website. It really caused us to fast track our work.

Of course OnlyFans soon after reversed the ban.

The whole thing left us thinking though.

We decided to move forward with our site anyway! We believe that this format will be more user friendly. It will allow you to access what content you are looking for more quickly.

When you message me through the website I actually get a notification on my phone so I can quickly message you back!

When I write about my experiences I am able to embed the pictures in the text itself. Allowing for a better flow.

Videos are all accessible right from the main page. No more scrolling through messages to find a video. Plus all videos are included in your membership! NO PPV here.

It is super simple and will only get better with time! Just follow these three steps!

  1. You will receive an email to link your payment method. (You can also set up a payment method in your subscription section of your account)

  2. Your account will be active within a few hours of payment! You will receive an email once this step is completed!


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