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Treat Me Rough Baby

Somehow it was the middle of the night already. Colter and I sat around smoking and rubbing on each other. The black dress I was wearing was sheer, barely holding my breasts. That was part of the fun, though. I pulled the dress up, shaking my hips back and forth. As the edge of my dress rose above my ass, Colter could see that I wasn't wearing any underwear.

Colter leaned back against the bed; his hand gripped my ass, pulling me close to his face. I hooked my leg up on the bed as Colter's tongue licked my pussy lips. I couldn't stop grinding my pussy on his face. Finally, my legs were shaky. Colter clamped down on my ass harder, forcing my pussy to press against his tongue, and I came.

Next, Colter stood me up, spinning me around; he slapped my ass with our paddle. His hands gripped my throat, and I fucking wanted him so bad. Pushing me down on the bed, he came and slapped his cock on my face. Holding me down with one hand and guiding his cock into my mouth with the other.

Finally, the head of his cock was sufficiently slathered in saliva. While still holding me down on the bed, Colter went behind me, sticking his dick in me. His hands went to my neck, and he used it as leverage to pound his cock into me.

Next, Colter flipped me over on my back. I was a good little slut and spread my legs wide for him. Colter played with my clit while pumping his cock into me.

New video dropping in the Camera Roll every day for the next four days 😘😘😘 Full Video will be out on the 14th on the Full Scenes channel!


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