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Wearing a ButtPlug All Day and Getting a Massive Anal Cream Pie -- HotWife Fucked in the Ass

When I woke up, I was super wet. Colter had already left for work. Otherwise, I would have climbed onto his dick. So I went about my day. When I left for the gym, I grabbed a butt-plug before I left the house, tucking it away in my gym bag. I started out tanning, and before I got in, I put the plug in my ass. I took a little video and sent it to Colter.

That night, when I got home, Colter took me upstairs, yanking my clothes off. He smirked when he felt that I had been wearing the butt-plug all day. I got down on my knees, and Colter started to fuck my face. My hand reached down and rubbed my clit as Colter's hand gripped a handful of my hair. His moans feeling his cock at the back of my throat, made me even more wet. Holding his shaft up, I licked his balls, lightly sucking them.

Then Colter laid me on the couch. He lapped up the spit dripping from my mouth and fingered me with it while his tongue caressed my clit. He sucked and licked on it until I cummed the first time. Standing up, Colter grabbed my hair and again fucked my face, making my tits jiggle.

Finally, Colter laid me on my back. His hard cock rubbed against my clit a few times before he stuck it in my pussy. As he pressed his cock into me, I could feel the butt plug pressing against his cock. Every time he went balls deep, I could feel the butt plug pressing deeper into me. It didn't take long fucking like this to make me cum again.

Taking his cock out, Colter played with the plug. Pulling it slowly out of my ass. Oiling up his cock a little bit, Colter slowly pushed his cock into my ass. I could hear the pop as my asshole squeezed past his head, gripping around his shaft. He started slow and then began pumping faster and faster.

"It feels so good, baby," I panted through moans.

Then Colter bent me over. From doggy style, he again stuck his cock in my ass. This time, though, Colter didn't hold back. He thrust hard and deep. Occasionally, he would grab his cock and pop it out of my ass, letting my asshole close up and then shove it back in with force.

"Your cock feels so good in my ass, baby!" I panted.

"You like it?" he teased.


"Where do you want me to cum?" He asked, never stopping pumping.

"I want you to cum in my ass, baby." I whispered

He started pumping harder and deeper. "Oh yeah! Fill me up, baby!" I begged.

I could feel his cock throb and the warm cum began to fill my ass. "Oh my god!" I moaned.

I felt the cum pour out as Colter pulled his dick out of my ass. It felt so good feeling it drip down my pussy lips. I reached back and fingered my ass, oozing the cum.

Clips of this are already in the Camera Roll! More dropping every day leading up to Friday, the drop of the full scene!



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