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Hotwife Fucked in the Parking Lot After Last Call

We met up with our friend for drinks at a bar over the weekend. I love to play pool, and this bar has a free pool. We all drank whisky and played pool game after game. The bar began to get busy, so we had to let some others have turns on the tables. We got a table up against the back wall and had a few more drinks. 

I was flirting a lot with both Colter and his friend. As we got more tipsy, we all got a little handsy. 

Eventually, the bar slowed down again, and we got to play a few more pool games. I was pretty drunk and had been hitting on a dab pen our friend had. By this point, my pussy was already so wet. Every time I bent over the table to make a shot, I could feel my wet pussy lips rubbing together. 

We got one more drink at last call and wrapped up our game. Colter told his friend that he had a joint in the car and that we should all share it before calling it a night. We went out to the parking lot. It was farily crowded with people wrapping up their night at the bar. Colter grabbed the joint and suggested we go to the back of the bar to smoke it. There was a dirt lot back there, and we were happy to find no one else around. 

As we smoked the joint I moved over close to Colter's friend. With one hand, I puffed on the joint; I let my free hand dangle by my side and brush up against his friend's cock. He responded by grabbing my ass. I leaned into his touch, enjoying it. Colter was watching the whole thing with a smile on his face. 

"You should suck his cock." Colter dared. 

I giggled, "Okay." 

Colter came over to me, giving me a kiss and pulling my shirt off. With my tits out I got down on my knees, Colter's friend pulled his pants down, He was already really hard. 

I grabbed the base of his shaft, smiling and giggling. I began by sucking the head of his cock. I felt his hand grab my head and shove it down deep er on his dick. I moaned, bobbing my head up and down. 

Colter watched for a while, then came over, I thought I was going to suck his dick, too, but he grabbed my hair and made me suck his friend's dick more. I gave him a good blowjob for a while. 

Next, he stood me up and bent me over. I started sucking Colter's dick as I felt his friend push into my pussy. It was wet, but his cock was girthy, so it took some pushing to stretch me open. 

He fucked me while I sucked Colter's cock until I could feel his cock pulsing. I knew he was going to cum. We didn't say anything, but this friend knows I love cum in my pussy, so I let him bust inside me! 

Dropping clips from this night every day this week in the Camera Roll! Full Scene on Friday 😘😘


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