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Choke Me and Cum in My Throat

Colter had the morning off and asked me if I wanted to give him a little show. I had woken up wet, so I was down. I sent out a few messages, and Dawson told me to come over. Colter picked me up, and we drove over to Dawson's house.

"Thanks for letting us come over." I told Dawson as we walked up to his room.

"Of course. I'm always more horny in the mornings, haha."

When we entered his room, Colter went to the end of the bed. I stood next to it, waiting for Dawson to close the door. Dawson came to me, pulling me close. I kissed him as he grabbed my boobs. I could feel him getting hard through his shorts; I couldn't help but reach down and stroke his cock.

Next, Dawson threw me back onto the bed and yanked his shorts down. His colossal cock flung up, and he came to stand over me. I put my legs on his shoulders. Dawson brought his face to mine, kissing me again while also rubbing his cock on my pussy through my leggings.

When Dawson stood up, he yanked my leggings down around my ankles and then grabbed my throat. I reached down, stroking his cock with one hand and holding my legs up with the other. Wetting the tip of his dick, Dawson then pressed himself into me. I moaned, furrowing my brow as I felt him stretch me open. Dawson's strong hand squeezed around my throat as he pumped into me hard and deep.

Next, Dawson bent me over, giving my ass a smack. I could feel my pussy getting more wet with every stroke. Later watching the videos Colter took, I could see how creamy my pussy was. It's no wonder I was so horny that morning.

I reached up and pulled off my top. My tits bounced free now as Dawson plowed me. Next, Dawson grabbed my arm, twisting it behind my back, forcing my face down and my ass up. He kept pumping his cock deep into me, and I couldn't help but cum.

Next, he flipped me over, hooking one of my ankles on his shoulder. Using the raised leg for leverage, he continued to pump my pussy. When I came again, I needed to ride him. He laid back on the bed, letting me straddle him. It was a tad bit painful having Dawson that deep in me, but his hands grabbed my ass cheeks, and from underneath, he started fucking me. When he slowed down, I began grinding my hips. Working his cock onto the back of my pussy just the way I like it.

Finally, Dawson went to the edge of the bed, standing up. As he did this, he was careful not to let his cock come out of me. He held me in the air and fucked me, bouncing my body up and down on his cock.

He had fucked me so good I decided I really needed to give him some good head. I told Dawson to stand on the bed and gave him an extremely sloppy blowjob. I let all of my saliva flow down, getting all over my tits. Colter got down low, getting a great shot of my tits and Dawson's yummy cock. Dawson came a massive load in my throat.

Clips are dropping in the Camera Roll every day this week! Full Scene on Sunday!

I have lots of fun Halloween stuff coming up ;)


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