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Rope Play-- Spanking- Facial

When I entered the bedroom, Colter had two piles of rope sitting on the bed. One Black and one Red. He tossed me my red stockings and told me to put them on.

"Anything else?" I asked.

"Just those." He confirmed.

I did as I was told, standing naked before him except for the stockings. I waited for his instructions. Colter grabbed the red rope, he wrapped it around my waist, looping it in the back; he crisscrossed the strands between my breasts, back again on my waist, and then either end, wrapping around my thighs. With the black rope, he tied my hands in front of me, working the strands of rope into the intricacies of the red.

He guided me to the wall, beginning to record me. He told me to turn around; his hand grabbed at my ass, spreading it open. Then quickly, a riding crop smacked my ass. I turned back to him, getting down on my knees. Sticking out my tongue, Colter slapped his cock on it. Colter let me suck his cock for a bit, then he stood up, grabbing my head. With his hands gripping my hair, he fucked my mouth the way he wanted.

Next, he stood me up, bending me over the bed. The riding crop again began whipping across my ass. I let out loud moans as I could feel my ass welting.

Finally, Colter laid me on the bed. Spreading my legs open, he tied each down to the bed with more ropes. Colter grabbing my purple dildo, came over to where I was tied down. He put it to my lips, then shoved it deep into my throat. He kept it there, bobbing it up and down to ensure it was sufficiently covered in spit. Once satisfied, he rubbed the dildo on my pussy lips, slowly sliding it into me. He fucked me with the dildo until I came, my legs tied open were shaky.

Then Colter came up, pressing his dick into me. As he fucked me, he again shoved the dildo in my mouth, making me suck it so I could taste myself, and I cummed again!

When Colter was ready, he pulled his cock out, giving me a huge facial!

ALL ACCESS members can see clips of this now in the Camera Roll! More dropping every day this week! The full video will be up on Sunday!


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